Wednesday 2 January 2008

Tetris S review

Two posts in a row? Oh yeah! I'm trying to compensate for my recent lack of posting, I guess. That or I finally have something to talk about.

I've never been an actual Tetris fan. Of course I liked the game, it's just so damn fun, but I never had it in such an high account as most gamers do. This somewhat changed recently. On December 31st, while waiting for midnight to celebrate the new year drowned in champagne, I decided to put my phone money to use and buy some game to keep me entertained. My choice? Tetris! Since then I've been quite addicted to it. After trying some games on the Dreamcast (Sega Tetris and Tetris 4D) I decided to move back to the Saturn. There are just 2 games available, Tetris Plus and Tetris S. I decided to start with this one. What are my thoughts?

This game sucks! I definitely understand why this is a Japan only release. Who else would buy this piece of crap? Ok, this is Tetris, so it's not that bad, but it's so damn simple! It's from the same producer of Tetris 4D for the Dreamcast, and it shows. There's just 3 game modes: regular, vs. against a friend and vs. against the computer. My cell phone game has more variety than this...

Moving on to the game, graphically it's just to simple. The backgrounds are just still photos of well known places around the world (in vs. modes it's just a cartoon instead) and the only thing moving beside the falling pieces is a stupid-looking monkey that keeps making gestures for whatever reason.

But Tetris is not about fancy graphics, it's about gameplay, right? Well, this game sucks at gameplay too! It's slow and unresponsive and it just plain sucks. You can't make a piece fall down and then suddenly move it to the sides, cause there's a waiting compass between the two motions. You can't make it rotate in a split second, cause once again the game takes time to process your command. It's stupid.

So, any redeeming factor? Nope, even the title sucks. Tetris S? TETRIS ASS??? Do youself a favour and don't buy this game. Next I'm going to try out Tetris Plus and according to pretty much everyone, that is a way better game.

Sorry for the lack of screenshots, couldn't find a single in-game picture of this game (I wonder why...). Here's a vid instead:


elend said...

Haha wow! Actually I was planning to post something today, too. Should I wait a day or go ahead?

Nice review, too. I actually planned to buy that game many times. Never came around to actually do so. Now after watching that video (with the awesomely annoying music) I probably won't buy it so soon anyways. Tetris Plus is much better.

Oh and btw! There is a third "Tetris game" available for the Saturn. I think it's called "Tetris Designer" where you can actually... draw (?) your own blocks or something. Dunno. Can't find it's japanese name either, so I have no link handy.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Why, go ahead! :)

Thanks for the info about the mysterious 3rd Tetris game for the Saturn. While looking for these games I just browsed a list of Saturn games looking for "tetris" in the title. Apparently I missed that one. Gonna look for it now!

Ross said...

Party at my blog!

fatherkrishna said...

Wow! Nebacha! How do you manage to slag a game off so much and STILL make me want it!!!

LOL! Great post mate and so great to see two posts in one day!

Happy New Year dude! Love you! :)